About Us
Celebrating over three decades of business success, DAMRON Corporation is a certified 100% MBE ,   veteran-owned manufacturer located on Chicago's West side.  DPLG design packaging solutions to accommodate the packaging needs of clients of all sizes.  There are three main categories into which every packaging product fits:  primary, secondary packaging.  Depending on the size of the operation, a company may need only primary packaging or a combination of primary and secondary packaging. 

Proud members of:

What's important and why?


  • Client verticals include CPG, automotive, health & beauty, food and beverage, specialty gifts, Pharma
  • Nationwide operations footprint
  • 11 operations centers providing diverse secondary packaging capabilities, including food pkg
  • 10 additional affiliated operating partners
  • Hold multiple certifications
  • Members of the Contract Packaging Association and the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing
  • Inclusive workforce includes wounded veterans and people with disabilities
  • MBE Certified

DPLG provides fulfillment services, storage, staffing, inventory management and more.  Our operations matrix provides clients with a diverse national footprint to help to reduce transportation costs and increased efficiencies.  The scope of the operations of a fulfillment business is expanded to include packaging and shipment of products as well as returns and customer inquiries.
What we can provide:
  • Supply Chain Solutions, Packaging and Logistics.
  • Provide logistics, storage and e-commerce packaging and distribution services.

  • Unique capabilities:  Product personalization, embedded operations management, e-commerce packaging and distribution, 100% OTIF